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Dr. Bill Takeshita with child
Dr. Bill Takeshita with child

The Dr. Bill Takeshita Foundation provides information and assistance to help children who are visually impaired. The Foundation was established in 2004 after Dr. Takeshita, a pediatric low vision optometrist ironically lost his own sight but gained a new perspective on vision impairment.

"I never realized how much harder children with vision impairment have to work to read, write, and perform everyday activities until I became legally blind. The best way that I could help children with vision problems without being able to treat them myself was to start a foundation that concentrates on helping these children and spreading the word that blindness is not bad, it's just different."

Dr. Bill's Story

Watch this video of Dr. Bill as he tells his story of how he lost his vision and overcame anger, frustration, and depression to then start the Dr. Bill Foundation.

Low Vision Rehabilitation

Doctors who specialize in low vision can help children and adults with low vision to read, write, use the computer, and to perform daily activities. Read articles that describe how low vision doctors can prescribe specialized visual aids. Also, find a low vision specialist in your area.

Vision News

Information on the latest developments in low vision.

Computer and Assistive Technology

Read articles that will teach you how to modify a computer to make it accessible for people with low vision. Also, learn about the latest in electronic technology for people with low vision.

  • Electronic Video Magnifiers
  • Solutions to Help You Use The Computer
  • Specialized Software for People With Low Vision
  • Reviews on Video Magnifiers
  • Cell Phones and Gadgets for People With Low Vision

Vision Encyclopedia

Read articles about a variety of topics related to vision.

  • Common causes of vision impairment
  • Developing Your Child's Vision
  • Learning and Vision
  • Nutrition and Vision
  • Vision Therapy
  • Lighting and Vision

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are a way for people with low vision to listen to articles, interviews, and even the daily newspaper. Visit this section to find out where you can access such resources and listen to Dr. Bill's Lectures. For a complete list, go to the iTunes store and download Dr. Bill's podcasts for free.

Scholarship and Endowment Program

The Dr. Bill Takeshita Foundation awards scholarships to underpriveliged children with low vision to receive a low vision examination or visual aids at the Center for the Partially Sighted.

  • How to apply for a scholarship.
  • Download an application

Pediatric Resources

Local, State and National resources available to families of children with visual impairments.

Inspirational Stories

Listen and watch the stories of great people who have not let their vision problems interfere with their lives.

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